Cancer Update

Questions for Abby to ask on Wednesday, August 24th appointments:


Please confirm any dietary restrictions NONE

Please confirm any alcohol restrictions  No alcohol while during the fertility treatment, after that no restrictions. Leanna asked if she could get wasted every night, and that was a hard no. But short of getting wasted every night, we are a GO!

Please ask about details around radiation – will it be spot or general   Leanna will have 5 to 6 weeks of treatment, Monday through Friday. It’s a fast procedure lasting only one minute treating the whole breast and nowhere else. “Lymph nodes have cancer”.  Only negative from it might be a sunburn.

for surgery or is there at date  / event that will determine the plan / schedule for surgery  4 to 6 weeks after chemo, give or take. It will most likely be in January.

Ask about anti-anxiety medication Yes, she can

Ask about sleeping medication  Tylonal PM is fine

Ask about any side effects from treatment that may require medication or over the counterstuff (i.e. dietary, bowel movements, skin care, etc.) Leanna will receive anti-nausea med on schedule along with her chemo (same time). So it’s handled in advance. She will feel tired and fatigued during the couple days following the treatment.

Can she use cannabis Yes, they can refer to a doctor who does it but Dr. Wendy Chen doesn’t feel that will be necessary. “Our meds are way better than anything weed is going to do.”

Can Leanna visit Utah  Yes, not only can she visit Utah but she can go and do whatever she wants. No restrictions.

The scan results showed that the cancer is not in the bones or spread anywhere else. It is stage 3 located in her one breast. The doctor was very upbeat and said this is now a problem we are solving. Leanna will be taking pills for the next 5 to 10 year and can take a break for pregnancy.


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