Gratitude Journal

This last year has been… impossibly difficult for me. I was diagnosed with the same cancer that killed my mother, I dealt with fertility concerns, I went through chemo, surgery, radiation. I started a new job. I broke up with my boyfriend. This year has not been my favorite.


When I was in the worst parts of cancer treatment, I made myself write three things a day that made me happy. Sometimes, those things were just “I ate delicious Sweetcheeks BBQ” or “I watched youtube cat videos for 2 hours.” Sometimes, those were silly things I did to my doctors. There is a lot of evidence that being grateful makes you happier and healthier. I mean, I still have cancer, but I’m not getting a cold, so there is that. And anecdotally, being grateful definitely makes you less of an asshole. I’ve been really down lately, so I am reinstituting the Gratitude Journal. So, yesterday, my three things:


  1. My sister drove to me to have dinner. The food was … eh, but the pinot noir was great, and I felt so much better after spending time with her.
  2. I walked to and from work. I won’t always have such a wonderful commute, so I want to make sure I enjoy my walk past the Fens park (look for the animals!), and it’s only a few blocks to my job. I can walk to work in heels!
  3. My boss’s boss was talking about “best friends at work” from a corporate questionnaire, and I realized that I don’t have a “best friend” in the office after three weeks, I do have good friends that work at my hospital and in connected buildings. I know and like a LOT of people at my job. That makes everything a little bit easier.

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